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Respite Care for Home Caregivers

Respite Care – Help for the Caregiver in Southwest Knoxville, TN

Female home caregiver reading book to senior woman in bedCaring for a disabled, memory impaired or elderly family member can mean being on call nearly all the time. Especially for live-in caregivers, it means staying on schedule and remembering a thousand details about what needs to be done, like planning, preparing and serving meals, providing medication reminders, doing laundry or running errands.

Caregivers who are constantly on duty can become exhausted if they don’t get enough rest and personal time to fulfill their own needs. That’s why respite care is so important.

Having a trusted respite caregiver there when you need them can be a true lifeline.

Respite Care Services Help Caregivers

Caregiver fatigue can happen to anyone who provides care on a daily basis to an elderly or disabled family member. It’s not something that should be ignored. The caregiver’s own health and well-being are vital, not just for themselves, but for them to be at their best when providing care for the loved one who depends on them.

Avoid caregiver fatigue with respite care

No matter how dedicated they may be, it’s important for every primary caregiver to take a break from time to time. Whether it’s a two-hour hairdresser appointment, an evening out with friends or even a weekend trip, that time away is vital to making sure the primary caregiver gets the rest and renewal they need to be at their best. Respite care by a trained and experienced home caregiver is the easy and affordable way to get that important rest break or to be able to take care of other priorities.

Respite Care Helps Patients

Seniors, memory care patients and others living with disability, whether living at home or in a care facility, depend on their primary caregivers for their day to day needs. They depend on that personal care that no one else gives them, and may even depend on the caregiver for their most vital needs, like food and medicine. If the primary caregiver gets sick or is unable to work, that can be a dangerous situation for the patient.

With respite care, the patient is able to stay comfortably at home, without interruption to their normal routine. A good respite care provider can provide seamless and worry-free coverage that helps take care of the individual needs of both the patient and the caregiver.

Whether for an hour or a week, your Acti-Kare respite caregiver provides the reassurance you need that your loved one is in good hands

Live-in Respite Care

For a weekend or a week away, live-in respite caregivers may come and stay, providing full and uninterrupted care, while you rest and refresh. The respite caregiver will be available 24 hours to care for your loved one at home. Many caregivers return over and over, becoming like family members, part of the regular routine, a welcome and needed backup to the regular caregiver. This team approach provides a strong safety net, and an easy transition for overnight and longer stays.

Acti-Kare Respite Caregivers – compassion, care and competence

Our respite caregivers are highly experienced in working with patients in many different situations, such as caring for children with autism, meeting the needs of advanced Alzheimer’s patients, or serving individuals with physical disabilities. Their compassionate and caring services mean primary caregivers can rely on them to provide quality care whenever they are needed, whether it’s daily, once a week or once a year.

Respite Care Services for any Daytime, Nighttime or Overnight Care Needs

Respite care includes providing a wide variety of services, such as:

  • home caregiver handing coffee to senior mancompanionship
  • meal preparation
  • medication reminders
  • bathing and personal hygiene
  • toileting
  • mobility
  • transportation
  • light chores
  • linens and laundry
  • errands
  • pet care

For more information on finding an experienced and compassionate respite caregiver for your loved one, contact the Acti-Kare provider in your neighborhood.