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Quality Dependable Home Child Care for Busy Parents

Happy babysitter, toddler and puppy on the sofaActi-Kare is your child care provider for all your in-home child care needs. Our child care staff is experienced, trained, and background checked to provide you with high quality child care for children of all ages, any time of the day or night. For many families, our child caregiver has become indispensable, like a member of the family. We can be there, when Mom or Dad can’t, to keep kids on track for school and other activities. Sometimes, all we need to keep family life running smoothly is a bit of extra help. With no long-term contract, you can try our services on an hourly basis and see for yourself why so many families depend on Acti-Kare for their child care needs.

Infant and Toddler Care

For new moms and busy parents, help with newborn and infant care can give Mom and Dad needed time to rest and catch up on other responsibilities. Our experienced infant caregivers will help with general infant care, like bathing, feeding and diapering, as well as providing interaction and contact that babies need. They can also help parents with household chores like laundry, dishes and other light housekeeping.

Child Care Assistance After School

tutor helps young girl with homeworkFor working parents, our caregivers can provide the after-school supervision and structure that kids need. After school care includes making sure the children get home from school, have a healthy after-school snack, and even help with homework, if needed. Our child caregivers can get the kids to their afternoon activities like music, dance or karate lessons. With the extra help to keep everything organized and on schedule, parents’ evening homecoming is much easier. Your child caregiver can even prepare meals and get the kids to bed.

Acti-Kare provides care for kids of all ages. Whether you have a busy preschooler or a teen who needs to navigate homework and activities, we provide you with peace of mind that your children are supervised and nurtured until you get home.

Holidays and Vacation Child Care

For those days when the kids are out of school, let your Acti-Kare helper provide in-home care for the kids who will appreciate being able to relax and sleep in instead of the whole family having to rush off to daycare. And for longer breaks, or when school is out for the summer, let our staff keep the kids busy and active. Your caregiver will work with your family to set up a schedule that includes getting the children to the activities you choose – swimming, dance, camp, and whatever else is on the summer agenda. No-hassle, no-stress, family support for any time of the year.

Sick Child Care

Young girl home sick sneezing into a tissueTummy ache? Fever? Chicken Pox? Working parents often face the dilemma of choosing between a sick child and their work responsibilities. Our trained caregivers can handle it. Let our experienced child caregiver help relieve your guilt and take good care of your sick child at home all day while you work. Our extra special staff is caring and responsive to their young clients who we know need extra attention and support while they aren’t feeling well. Your child care provider will keep your child comfortable and provide the gentle care they need to be on the road to recovery.

Special Needs Child Care

Children with special needs require extra care all the time. Parents can’t always be the primary caregivers, so when and where you need extra support, Acti-Kare can help. We provide trained staff members who are experienced working with special needs individuals to provide support in all aspects of daily living. Our child care providers provide vital help to parents with ongoing care for the child, such as bathing, feeding, mobility assistance, supervision and homework help. They can also help with other chores like laundry or running errands, when needed.

Babysitters on Call

Make Acti-Kare your on-call babysitter. Whether it’s date night, a weekend away, a business meeting or your regular babysitter simply can’t make it, we can provide you with a highly qualified, experienced babysitter on short notice. No more calling around to friends and family at the last minute.

Child Care Resources When you Need Them

Many parents depend on Acti-Kare for their child care help whenever they need it. Our flexible services and staff are available on-call on short notice, or for the long-term, providing extra support and service to your family members. Many families take advantage of the flexibility to accommodate busy schedules and can benefit from our extra services, like help with light chores and errands. Let Acti-Kare become your family’s go-to service for infant care, child care, and all your family care needs.